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Class happenings May 24 – 28 and beyond

Dear PAT families,

I hope that no one was too impacted by the wild weather we’ve been having today. It was certainly a central focus of our conversations this afternoon (despite my best efforts to make measurement conversions and discussions of taxes more interesting that thunder and hail).  Here are a few notes on this week and what you be keeping in mind as we begin wrap up the school year.

Ms. I

This week:

  • Independent reading – Students reading a second book about the American Revolution independently.  As they read, they will complete role sheets to encourage thinking.  Check with your student to find out what independent book they have chosen.  We have also been reading several This I Believe essays as posted in our This I Believe loop. Students are reading and analyzing these essays to get an idea of all the different ways that one can write a person essay about an important belief. Ask you child to share their favorite essay with you.
  • Math – This week we beginning our transition to our final topic of the year – Geometry.  Sadly, we will not be completing an entire unit on geometry, there are just not enough hours and days. However, returning 4th graders will get a heavy dose of Geometry next year and I will set our 5th graders out with some ideas of what to explore this summer if you’re concerned about the deficit.
  • Social Studies – We are deep into Colonial Boston, discussing taxes and colonial relationships (between countries, not people). There are a lot of passions rising between our colonists. Students are still completing their Sways to show their understanding by answer questions and writing historical fiction journal entries for their character.  Ask your child to share their sway with you and show off the work they’ve done so far!
  • Science
    • 5th grade (FLASH) – We have been learning about the human reproductive system, focusing on medical language and form and function.  I have been really impressed by your students’ willingness to ask questions and participate in the discussion. That speaks to the atmosphere of safety and honesty you are creating at home to support these kids in their growth and development.  We will be discussing pregnancy, then wrap up our unit touching on HIV/AIDS.
    • 4th grade – Students have completed their research and working on their model and beginning to plan mini-teaching presentations to share their learning. Ask your student if they would be willing to do a practice teach with you so that you can learn about some of these amazing organisms, too.
  • Writing – Friday (tomorrow) students will turn in their Choice Writing story and flash draft their final writing assignment of the year – the This I Believe essay.  I there are a lot of students who are feeling anxious about reading their essay at our final reading on the 9th. While I will not force any student to read, I am really encouraging students to read something, if only their belief statement.  You can support your student by talking to them about the reading and creating an opportunity for them to practice reading in a safe space (to stuffed animals, to family, to pets…)

Upcoming Dates and Events:

  • Monday, May 31st – Memorial Day (no school – don’t come, I won’t be there) – Just needed to get that in there. 🙂
  • Wednesday, June 2nd – 5th grade Transition Event Drive Through – 3:30 to 5 pm  – You can come drive through the Tolt Middle School parking lot to meet teachers and get a quick experience of Tolt.
  • Wednesday, June 9th, 10 – 11 am – This I Believe Reading via Zoom. Please mark your calendars to come listen to “This I Believe” Essays read aloud by some marvelous (and brave!) writers. I will be sending out a Zoom link as we get closer so that families can join us from home or work to celebrate our students’ voices.
  • Thursday, June 10th5:30 – 6:15 – Remote Learner Celebration Drive Through – See the flier below. (Remote 5th graders, you are welcome to come celebrate with us at both drive through events, because I can’t get enough of seeing you in person!)
  • Monday, June 14th 4:30 – 5:30 – 5th grade recognition drive through – See the flier below.
  • Tuesday, June 15 – The last day of the school year.

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