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Welcome to June! (And what’s going on this week)

Dear families,

We have finally made it to the exiting month of June, where summer is just on the horizon and yet there is so much more still to do! These last few days have been absolutely beautiful, but I will welcome some cooler weather over the new few days.  I got the exciting experience of learning what happens when old cars go up steep hills in the 85 degree heat and are also low on coolant.  And now, I know how to add coolant and check the coolant levels in the old Subaru.  So much learning, all the time, eh? (Here’s to hoping that my trip to school and home today is utterly uneventful).

I hope that your June has been moving smoothly so far.  In the classroom, I can see how weary kids are but they are valiantly wrapping up our final projects.  Please keep encouraging them to do good work, use the loop to guide their at home learning and come to class ready to do their best.

Starting next week, I will be cutting back on At Home learning tasks, so please don’t be surprised if your students have more time to get outside and enjoy the weather. Please read on to see what else has been/will be happening this week.

Ms. I

This week:

  • Independent reading – Students are still reading a second book about the American Revolution independently.  As they read, they will complete role sheets to encourage thinking.  Check with your student to find out what independent book they have chosen.  We have also been reading several This I Believe essays as posted in our This I Believe loop. Students are reading and analyzing these essays to get an idea of all the different ways that one can write a person essay about an important belief. Ask you child to share their favorite essay with you.
  • Math – Some groups have started a little geometry, while others are still wrapping up their latest Fraction unit.  Please encourage your student to watch their learning video while at home to support them.
  • Social Studies – We are deep into Colonial Boston, and tensions are rising. Thank you all for your patience with our attempt to build a Colonial Boston through Minecraft. It has certainly created engagement and there is a lot of learning happening for everyone. I also know that yesterday’s session caused some stress; thank you to everyone who rolled with it and helped problem solve. These are things that often happen in the classroom, but because the classroom is also now in your house, you’re seeing more of the spill over. Students are still completing their Sways to show their understanding by answer questions and writing historical fiction journal entries for their character.  Ask your child to share their sway with you and show off the work they’ve done so far!
  • Science –
    • 5th grade (FLASH) – This is our last week of FLASH.  Earlier in the week, we discussed pregnancy; Thursday and Friday we will learn about HIV/AIDS.
    • 4th grade – Students will begin practicing their teaching in class in preparation to teach others about their endangered species next week. Ask your student if they would be willing to do a practice teach with you so that you can learn about some of these amazing organisms, too.
  • Writing – Our final writing project is the This I Believe essay. Yesterday (Wednesday) students were asked to turn in their first draft, though I know that a few are running behind.  This is an important final assignment because it’s a chance for students to really shine. I am providing some time in class for writing and revision, but students will need to do some work at home. Please check in with your student on this project. Question to ask are: Where are you succeeding? Where are you struggling? Can you show me your draft? Would it help for me to read it and give you some feedback? Note: When giving feedback, I always ask students to balance “revision suggestions” with positive statements of what is working well. I ask you to do the same. So if you have two suggestions, please also point out two places where the writing works.  

Upcoming Dates and Events:

  • Wednesday, June 9th, 10 – 11 amThis I Believe Reading via Zoom. Please mark your calendars to come listen to “This I Believe” Essays read aloud by some marvelous (and brave!) writers. The link and password information are below.  Please be aware that I will be monitoring the waiting room for this meeting and will only be admitting names I recognize. If you will be joining us from work and know that your Zoom name will not match your own, please send me an email ahead of the meeting.  This link will also be posted in the Wednesday hub of the loop next week for easy access.

Meeting ID: 845 8835 8068
Passcode: 759381

  • Thursday, June 10th – 5:30 – 6:15 – Remote Learner Celebration Drive Through – See the flier below. (Remote 5th graders, you are welcome to come celebrate with us at both drive through events, because I can’t get enough of seeing you in person!)
  • Monday, June 14th 4:30 – 5:30 – 5th grade recognition drive through – See the flier below.
  • Tuesday, June 15 – The last day of the school year – Because the last day is a half day, only in person AM students will be attending the physical school building on June 15th. We will, however, be holding a final whole class meeting (involving AM & PM students) on the last day of school. Please stay tuned for time and details.  Thank you!
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