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Curriculum Night via Zoom

Hello everyone!

This Thursday evening Carnation Mrs. Grant and I will be holding a Question and Answer session about our program and classrooms as a part of Carnation Elementary’s curriculum night.  Our Zoom session will run from 6:45 to 7 pm on Thursday, September 23rd. The Zoom link is available at the end of this post.

Today, your student is bringing home a paper version of the 4/5 classroom curriculum outline for you to read at your leisure.  You can also the a digital version of the same document here on this blog by choosing “About Our Classroom” on the bar to the left or following this link.  This would be a great document to take a look at before our curriculum night Q&A on Thursday.

If you are choosing to join us at the Q&A on Thursday (6:45 – 7 pm) please make sure that your screen name in Zoom allows us to recognize you in the waiting room. Thank you!

Meeting ID: 842 3370 0438


Ms. Isler

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