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Skooler How To

To get set up with Skooler, here’s where to begin:

Step 1: Verify your email address: Parents should verify that the information in Skyward (open now) is complete and accurate. You will use the email that is listed in Skyward as your Skooler username. If changes are needed, email or your local school office.

Step 2: Use the parent/guardian Skooler link to access Skooler. If you have never logged in before, click “Take me to the registration”.  Don’t forget to register using your primary email address as it’s listed in Skyward.












Step 3: Make sure that you know how to find the Parent/Guardian Skooler link for use throughout the year.  You can download the Skooler app or visit the Skooler link on the RSD engage site to log in. Students automatically have access to Skooler on their school-issued devices. You can also find the parent schooler link on our class blog.

If you have any issues, please reach out to Stay Engaged email at, or by calling the Hotline at 425.844.4544.

Remember that all new tools take time to use, so you won’t master this your first time in. But also know that you can’t break it. Click on things, explore a little and email your child’s teacher if you have questions. They may not be able to answer you right away (teachers are learning this tool, too!), but they will find it for you.

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